You’ve  heard the hype.

You’ve seen the site and the videos.

And you dismissed it as another ordinary, run of the mill, network marketing opportunity.

But that is where you missed it.

Numis Network is among the fastest growing network marketing companies on the planet today, if not THE fastest. Started in Tampa, Florida in the spring of 2009, this company has gone from ground zero to more than 7,000 members in under nine months.

Networkers in the company are already earning more  than $30K a month and this thing is just getting started. And that is where the opportunity is!!!! See, with just 7,000 members in the United States and Canada that means that most cities and towns do not even have a Numis member yet.

It is such a NO-BRAINER a 19 year-old college student signed up 6 new members this week just off of Facebook!

Plus…now all of the HOT ROD marketers like Nick Bramble are jumping in because they see all the money being made here!

Learn All About NUMIS HERE!

So why Numis? Why Now?

No other network marketing company on the planet that has a product like this.

No one else uses gold and silver, government issued, PERFECT coins as their network marketing product. Those juices, pills, potions and lotions will be worthless after they sit in your closet or garage for five years. Store gold and silver coins for five years and guess what, they will be worth a WHOLE LOT MORE!

Ok, so we know the product is incredible. We know you cannot go wrong with gold and silver, right? The company is absolutely exploding and new members get to take hold of that momentum.

No one is embarrassed to offer their circle of influence gold and silver. Who wouldn’t want gold and silver?

 But we’ve taken it a step further.

My friend and business coach John Stalvey has created an amazing system.

It is called the Infinite Leverage System.

And this system automates EVERYTHING. All you do is drive traffic to your site and the system does the rest.

It follows up.

It calls.

It converts!

This system is so powerful more than 600 people

have joined Numis in less than two months using THIS SYSTEM!!!!

That makes Numis simply the most irresistible business opportunity on the planet today.

A product no one can touch.

Unparalleled opportunity in the United States and Canada…and it hasn’t even gone global YET.

If you watched the video…you know about the incredible pay plan and how you can make money NOW!

Then add John Stalvey’s incredible system that converts for you…and there is NO WAY you can lose.

Go see John’s system for yourself. EXPERIENCE JOHN’S SYSTEM HERE

Fill out the application and you will understand why this is different.

You will see Why Numis, Why Now!!!!!


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