Three Crucial Steps to Raking In Gold on Facebook – Post 1

Facebook and social media in general are literally changing the way we live our lives. The internet has long been a source of entertainment and information, but with the onset of social media the internet is now more a part of our daily lives than ever. In fact, one recent study showed that the average American spent seven hours on Facebook in the month of January.

And smart internet marketers are capitalizing on that fact. Facebook now has more than 400 million users and it is now the second most visited websites on the planet. But more importantly people who use Facebook do it in a much more personal way than just about any other website on the planet.

Most people who join Facebook and design their profiles do so for one reason. That reason is to connect with friends and family that they do not get to interact with personally on a daily basis. Finding old friends from days gone by and reconnecting is a major draw for Facebook. Families spread across state lines or even across continents can connect through Facebook in a matter of seconds. So as SMART internet marketers it is imperative to remember when using Facebook to market, it is CONNECTIONS that matter. Facebook is PERSONAL. It is about people, more so, than other media sites such as Twitter or any of the other sites.

With more than 400 million users online, Facebook is an absolute gold mine for network marketers trying to build a business online. But before you can rake in the gold on Facebook there are three things any SMART internet marketer will do. First, you must build your Friend list. Second build relationships with those friends by starting conversations. And third positioning yourself on Facebook as the person who can help meet the needs of those friends by providing value, help and leadership in the tasks they have in their lives.

Remember when venturing into the land of marketing on Facebook that it is not about your company. It is not about your product. It is about YOU. People are not connecting with a company on Facebook, they are friending YOU.

That is why it is so important to learn this one rule now and learn it fast. Just logging onto Facebook day after day and posting links to your network marketing site or affiliate site is considered social media SPAM. Not cool. People will unfriend you in a heartbeat or they will hide your conversations on

My friend Stuart Dennison prepared a very short, but to the point video about getting yourself into Social Media detention by just posting those links every where. It is quick and easy, but it gets the point across. Watch that video here:

Watch Stuart’s Video Here

Now that you know how to avoid Social Media detention, let’s focus on the first of those three steps to raking in the gold on Facebook: This post will concentrate on the first step. The first step is increasing the number of friends you have on Facebook and have them be friends that might be interested in connecting with you in an affiliate or network marketing business.

Building friends on Facebook is not difficult. It can be time consuming, but it is not difficult. And if you remember that network marketing is about the you and the people you connect with, there is nothing more important than spending the necessary time to actually connect with people.

So how do you find people on Facbook that may be interested in your network marketing opportunity?

There are three ways I do this, but as you do this remember to be personal. Put yourself out there. Open up for people to get to know you and not just what business you are in.

The first and easiest way to find people on Facebook is to join groups on Facebook in the network marketing genre. There are tons of groups and many of them are centered around networking and learning how to network online. It is easy to join those groups and then just send people in those groups a friend request. One thing to be conscious of though is that you make an effort to connect with that person and not simply send a request.

Always send a personal message to that person you are “friending.” ALWAYS! If you can see their profile, maybe you might want to comment on it. Or, if you can’t and you find them in a network marketing group, simply type a message similar to this:

“Hi John, I saw you in the Network Marketing Group and see we have similar interests in earning extra money online. I’d really enjoy the chance to find out more about you and what you are doing so I hope you will accept my friend request.”

Now 99 out of 100 people looking to make money online will accept that friend request. They want as many connections as possible also. They will probably send you a response telling you all about their business and send you a link. I will almost always look at their website, maybe even opt-in to find out more about what they are doing.

Remember it is all about connections and the fact that you know a little about their business and a little more about them will create that trust and familiarity.

The second way I get new friends on Facebook is place my personalized URL on Twitter and other places I advertise. If you do not have a personalized URL you can still get one and it is free.

Read the Facebook blog to learn all the details

Once you get your personalized url you can send it to any of your prospects and invite them to be your Facebook friend and post it where ever you deem appropriate to find new friends. I do a lot of safelist advertising so my url is at the bottom of each of my ads. I also post on Twitter occasionally and with any email I send.

Again this opens you up a little. It puts you out there because people who see your link will click and decide based on what they see from your profile if they want to connect or not. That is why it is important to have an inviting profile and picture.

The third way I get people to my Facebook page is through the search tool on Facebook. When a person opts-in to my list through my capture page, they have to enter an email address. Now we all know that not everyone uses a legit email address and some people have a number of email addresses.

But there are some people who are serious about finding extra income online, they use their real email address and it happens to be the same one they use for Facebook. If that is the case, when you put their email address into the search bar on Facebook, their page will appear.

Then you can check out their profile and send them a message inviting them to be your friend on Facebook. Sometimes they accept, sometimes the don’t. But if you do get them with you on Facebook, your autoresponder messages that they opted into, will be 100 times more effective!

Be sure and check back for the second and third steps you need to take to rake in the gold on Facebook. Step two is building relationships, because remember, Facebook is about people,not business. And the third step is to position yourself to be able to help those people. Those posts will be coming soon.


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