Safelist Marketing Tips!

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Safelist Marketing Tips From GoGoJoe

Safelist subscribers receive hundreds if not thousands of emails every day with great business opportunities being advertised. That is why the key to getting your safelist email advertisement to be read is to STAND OUT! Your ad has to be different. It has to be better…or it will get buried in an avalanche of safelist ads.

Here are a couple of rules to being different on a safelist:

1) NEVER mention money in your subject line. Instead use something that will create interest  and make the reader wonder that subject line is about. Almost all safelist ads are advertising a business opportunity or affiliate program, so when you do something different with your
subject line it stands out. If it gets your attention it will get other readers attention. One of my favorite subject lines I used is “She Asks Me Every Wednesday.” And then the ad copy goes on to tell the reader how my wife asks me every Wednesday how much I got paid from GoGo20
because we get paid EACH week.

2)Play with white space when writing your subject line. Scroll over seven or eight spots before starting the subject to create white space on the computer screen. Here is how one of my subject lines look on a safelist ad page:
That white space draws attention to the ad and gets more clicks for you!

3) Your ad copy needs to SIZZLE! Remember you only have a couple of seconds to grab attention with a safelist ad. There is no time for 10 paragraphs of information…get their attention long enough to read six or seven lines at most. Write to their 5 senses. Write to their emotions.
Write to their wants and needs. Tell them how YOU are their solution!


A few months back I developed a training I call “The CDE’s of Safelisting” that I used for helping GoGo20 team members learn how to use safelist advertising effectively.

CDE simply stands for Consistent Determined Effort and that is what it takes with safelist advertising. You cannot put an ad out once or twice on a safelist and think you are going to get good results. You won’t.

But if you can post your ad every day or multiple times per day on a safelist with the same or similar subject lines it will get clicks, you will get traffic and you will get leads. It is that simple.  The key to safelist success is being on that list as many times as possible and as often as possible so your ad gets more notice and more clicks.

It can be VERY time consuming, no doubt! But when you want targeted traffic to your site at very little cost, I do not know of a better way to get visitors for the price of zero or next to zero.

The first installment of  “The CDE’s of Safelisting” concerns those ALL IMPORTANT subject lines. After all, if your subject line doesn’t get attention, your ad won’t be clicked and nothing else matters!

The “C” in CDE’s of Safelisting could go for “Catchy” subject lines.

In Safe list advertising there is little question that your subject line or headline (I use those terms interchangeably) is the biggest single factor in getting your ad read.

 You must remember that people looking at safe list ads are already in some sort of business opportunity or they would not be on a safe list looking at ads, trying to earn credits so they can send out their ads.

 With that in mind, think about your headline. They have already been told they are going to make a million dollars next week by their biz op people. So don’t use a headline suchAs “Make Money at Home” or “Online Business Opportunity.”

 First off, you want to catch the eye of the reader as they scan the page of safe list ads. One of the most effective ways I have found is by using:

 L@@K ==>>>> or W@W!!!

 You may have seen one of my ads like this:


My favorite method and I think most effective is by playing with white space. It is no secret that the human eye is drawn to brightness. What is brighter on a computer screen full of headlines than white space? All the headlines are black and dark…so use the opposite of what everyone else is doing to draw attention to your headline!

 My latest safe list headline looks like this:

………………………….BAD ECONOMY, GOOD SOLUTION………………….

 With your headline you want to attract enough attention to get the reader to click on your ad. Yes most safe list ad readers are clicking simply to earn credits to send their ad, but if you can capture their attention for 15-20 seconds with a good subject line and effective ad copy you have won half the battle.

 Remember people aren’t looking to find a new business opportunity in most cases. They simply want to get their clicks in so they can send you their ad! It is up to you to make them stop and think for a minute and realize that GoGo20 gives them a better opportunity than what they are already working with.

 On a recent training call with GoGo20, Brad Webb of Earner’s Unite fame and the owner of Text Ad Bartering introduced us to a website that will let us test our headlines before actually using them. I actually stole that latest headline from Brad. He used it on the call to explain how to test the headlines. is a great FREE tool where you can type in your headline to see how effective it will be. You will want a score of at least 40 with your topic and the closer you get to 75 the more effective your headline.

 You can join Brad Webb’s Text Ad Bartering FREE and get some FREE advertising here:

Text Ad Bartering



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