Safelist Deals for GoGo20 members

The products in the back office at GoGo20 are ALL about saving you money on everything from prescription drugs to movie tickets to groceries to car rentals and so on… so if you are going to advertise your GoGo20 on safelists, you should get discounts there too!  I have been working on a safelist training that I will be doing for GoGo20 members on Wednesday night. In doing so I contacted a number of safelist owners whose lists I use to advertise GoGo20 to see if they would offer our members some discount incentives to join their lists.

These folks run these safelists to earn money, so of course they want you to join and upgrade, but the free option is there in all of these lists. If you hear my training on Wednesday night though, I will stress the importance of upgrading if you are serious about making money with safelists.  Anyway….here are the discounts and deals I was able to secure…

Target Safelist and Safelist Pro…owned by Greg Chadwick…heckuva guy…great safelist owner…

Your members can use promo code GoGo20 at  Target Safelist for 10,000 free credits (plus they also get 5000 free credits by using code newmember) Use this link to join:

Your members can also use promo code GoGo20 at  Safelist Pro for 10,000 free credits

ACTIVE SAFELIST…Ian is the owner…an awesome guy who is also in GoGo20!!!

The GoGo20 “Active Safelist Special Offer” link has been created!

AdTroppers…They don’t come any better than Rick Katz at AdTroopers…and I know that at least 2 of my front line team members came through Ad Troopers!

Adtroopers…. upgrade and get free contact solo ad by contacting support…also contact support and get first months credits doubled… join through this link:

Midnight Sun…AWESOME new list with 1300+ members already. Michael and Carsten are Scandanavian dudes who know how to work a safelist!

Use this link to join:
Join FREE and get upgraded to Pro automatically and we’ll credit their account with an additional 20000 credits by submitting a ticket with their GoGo20 username.

Anyone interested in their best membership level “Grand” we’ll sell it for $14 (normal $35 or OTO $20) + they’ll also receive an additional 20000 credits. Those members need to join Free and skip the OTO – then submit a ticket and we’ll take it from there.



Offering GoGo20 Members 20,000 FREE Credits… Join from this link and pay attention to the one time offer  then email support with your username and your GoGo20 Username to get 20,000 FREE credits… that is six FREE sends at Smart Safelist!!!

Your Safelist

sign up for free through, and then instruct them
to use this link to upgrade if they wish:

The price will be reduced from $15/month to $11.50/month.


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